How We Began
Greenway Park was founded by the late Superintendent & Missionary Ira L. Finney,
Sr., in 1968. They starting this great Ministry with only their four children: Ira, Regina,
Donald, and Perry. During their opening service Mother T. Hamilton came through the
doors with her children. The church family grew. In 1975 the members of the church
walked down Dennison street from the building that they had outgrown, into a brand
new building, which still stands tall and strong in the heart of West Dallas. During that
same year Superintendent Finney's son and daughter-in-law brought forth a son. This
was the first grandson to the founders of this church. Only God knew that 1975 would
birth three significant things: 1) A new church building. 2) A new kidney for
Missionary Billie M. Finney (co-founder). 3) A child that would be "Chosen by Christ"
to sit at the thrown and continue the legacy of shepherding this flock. We serve an
awesome God!
Greenway Park C.O.G.I.C.